About us

Hi!  I'm Cyndi Cesare.  I'm a, mixed-media, artist, living in Florida.  I've been creating art for years, but recently thought...."you know, my art would look great on clothes".  So now, I have my, original, art printed on all sorts of items.

Live and Wear ART!!

Our clothing, accessories, and home decor are ways that we express our individuality.  You might be the "bright and bold" sort, or prefer the softer side of things.  Since my art is an expression of the way I'm feeling at that, particular, moment in time....I have many different styles and colors.

I've loved wearing and decorating my home with my art.  I always get comments on my "art clothes" because they are so different from what one, usually, finds at the mall.

Express Yourself!

I hope that you can find something that you like and feel would help you to express your own, unique, style.


Check out my YouTube Channel to see me create.  You might even see me painting the, actual, piece that you plan to order for your clothing or home decor!!

You can also purchase, original, paintings at my Etsy shop!

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Contact me at ceeceestudio@yahoo.com